Teen Mom Resources in Nashville, TN



Nashville Diaper Connection- provides free diapers through the below organizations. Contact one of the below ministries to get diapers.


           Catholic Charities of Tennessee:  (615) 352-3087

           East Nashville Cooperative Ministry:  (615) 244-7312

           Jewish Family Service:  (615) 354-1644

           Martha O’Bryan Center:  (615) 254-1791

           Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee:  (615) 383-0994

           St. Luke’s Community House:  (615) 350-7893


(More information about Diaper connection at bottom)

East Nashville Cooperative Ministry

807 Main Street • Nashville TN 37206

615 244 7312

·      Build holistic relationships by giving hope to our impoverished community to support themselves by making connections, growing food, making good food choices and by giving back.

·      Have diapers, baby formula and baby foods.   This program is an emergency relief program in which families may receive a food box 3 times within a six-month period.



Childcare Vouchers:



The Child Care Certificate Program is a state program that assists Families First participants, parents transitioning off Families First, teen parents, and children in foster care. It’s also called the subsidized child care program. To participate in the program, families must be declared eligible by the Department of Human Services (DHS) staff or by the Department of Children’s Services (DCS) staff for children in foster care.


DHS provides financial help for childcare costs for families with low incomes through a few different assistance programs.


How to Apply

To apply for the service, contact the local Department of Human Services office. Some assistance requires a co-payment. During this contact, the applicant may also discuss eligibility for SNAP/Food Stamps, eligibility for TennCare/Medicaid, and eligibility for cash assistance through Families First/TANF.

*Please note: Currently an application and approval through the DHS Families First program is the entry point for the Child Care Certificate Program. The Teen Parent and Department of Children's Services child care programs are the only exceptions.

If a parent is eligible for one of the childcare certificate programs, any type of childcare can be used by the parents (both regulated and unregulated), with the exception of Teen Parent Child Care and DCS. For these types of care, the parent must use a regulated (licensed) provider. However, the chosen provider must be enrolled in the certificate payment program. Payment rates are established by the Department of Human Services and agreed to by the provider.


Further information about the program:


Families First Child Care Assistance

Parents participating in the Families First program who need childcare to complete the work activities in their personal responsibility plan can receive financial assistance with the cost of childcare. Families First parents do not pay a parent co-pay in this program. Eligibility is based on Families First income guidelines.


Transitional Child Care Assistance

Parents whose Families First case has closed are potentially eligible for 18 months of transitional childcare assistance. Each parent must meet a work activity requirement of 30 hours per week in order to be eligible for this program. Parents must pay a co-pay fee based on a sliding income scale.


At-Risk Child Only

Nonparental caretakers who are receiving Families First for a related child may be eligible for this childcare assistance. Caretakers must pay a co-pay fee based on a sliding income scale and must participate in 30 hours of work, training or education weekly.


Teen Child Care Assistance

This program is for eligible high school or middle school mothers.

These young mothers must stay in school in order to receive

childcare assistance. Parents must pay a co-pay fee based on a sliding income scale.


Families First:


Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, is a workforce development and employment program. It is temporary and has a primary focus on gaining self-sufficiency through employment. The Families First program helps participants reach this goal by providing transportation, child care assistance, education, job training, employment activities, and other support services. Temporary cash assistance is also provided to families with dependent children when at least one parent is incapacitated, unemployed, deceased, or absent from the home, and the family is unable to pay for essential living expense



Legal Aid –

Contact info: 615-244-6610.


Prevent child abuse TN



Crisis Housing

1. Sophia’s Heart

2479 Murfreesboro Rd.

Suite #515

Nashville, TN 37217


1034 West Eastland Ave

Nashville, TN 37206




2. Salvation Army- Center of Hope

Center of Hope – Nashville Area Command

631 Dickerson Road                                                      

(615) 242-0411

April Calvin, Program Director Transitional Housing

(615) 242-0411 x111


Rocenta Woods, Lead Case Manager

(615) 242-0411 x106


3. Monroe Harding

Youth Connections, Monroe Harding, Inc.

McKendree United Methodist Church, Third Floor

523 Church Street

Nashville, TN 37219

(615) 226-3614


4. Rooftop Nashville

-provides assistance to housing


Rooftop Nashville

3511 Gallatin Rd, Suite 202

Nashville TN, 37216



Health Clinics

1. Hope Clinic- Faith based crisis pregnancy center.

Provide free doctors apts, prenatal visits, set up OBGYN for delivery, provide educational classes, free counseling, and ultrasounds.



1810 Hayes Street

Nashville, TN 37203



More Information about Diaper Connection:

Locations and Directions for Using NASHVILLE DIAPER CONNECTION:

Catholic Charities


2806 McGavock Pike


Call This Number

Listen to Voicemail

Leave all the information they request, speak slowly and clearly A volunteer will call you back for Diaper Pick up

Bring a Photo ID when you pick up

They can only provide free diapers every 3 months


East Nashville Cooperative Ministry


3115 Gallatin Pike


Visit Food Pantry Monday-Thursday 10am-3pm

Bring Photo ID and ID for your baby (Social Security Card, Birth Certificate)


Family and Children’s Services


Diapers only provided for those enrolled in their extended family care program


Martha O’Bryan Center


711 S. 7th Street


Go to Food Bank Part of the Center between 2pm - 5pm

Bring photo ID and ID for your baby (Social Security Card, Birth Certificate)


Prevent Child Abuse TN



Ask Abby for Referral to their program

diapers and other supplies provided when you sign up for their program


St Luke’s Community House


5601 New York Avenue


1 pack per child

Can receive diapers and/or food 1 time a month

Come to location during regular business hours

Bring photo ID and some sort of ID for your baby (SS Card, birth certificate)