YoungLives Approach

More than one million teenage girls become pregnant every year, and more than 500,000 of them become young mothers. The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the western industrialized world.

Only one-third of teen moms receive a high-school diploma, and 80 percent end up on welfare. Teen moms face many challenges as they are truly living in two worlds. They have the desire to be teenagers, yet have the responsibility and maturity required to be mothers. They feel alone, and often are abandoned by the significant people in their lives once their children are born.

A teen’s pregnancy and child are the obvious issue in the world’s eyes, but those are not the real problem.
The problem is the absence of Jesus in a girl’s life, and that is what YoungLives is about. We have experienced mercy, compassion and grace in Christ, and this fills us with the desire to love teen moms in the condition they come to us.

                    Our Story

In 2011, we began our first YoungLives parenting class at Stratford High School. Since then, we have expanded to over ten different high schools and currently have 130 teen moms actively involved in our ministry. We gather monthly with over 40 volunteer mentors who dedicate hours each week investing in the lives of teen moms and their babies. We are continuing to grow and excited to see what God has in store for Nashville YoungLives!

  Where can you find us?

Academy at Old Cockrill
Cohn Adult Learning
McGavock High School
Pearl Cohn
White's Creek High School

Currently in YoungLives

  • Regular parenting education and support groups in ten high schools (7 classes led by our amazing partners at Youth for Christ)

  • Monthly “club” where we gather with teen moms from all over the city, including girls who are not currently in school

  • Contact with over 130 teen moms

  • 30-50 teen moms who attend club each month, along with their precious babies!

  • 40 volunteer mentors who spend regular time with teen moms and their children on a weekly basis

  • Discipleship to moms through individual and small groups Bible studies

  • Three women on staff specifically for reaching more teen moms across the city

  • A YoungLives committee made up of eight women from the community, and some from the greater Nashville area

  • A growing budget over the past eight years and host an annual fundraiser every May

We hope to grow into two more high schools every year with the hope of reaching EVERY teen mom in the city of Nashville