Meet Airreyana: A YoungLives Spotlight


Airreyana is a junior at Pearl Cohn High School. She is fearless and bold, infectiously kind and laughs at just about any joke. We are constantly delighted by her presence in YoungLives and are encouraged by the bravery and willingness to learn that she displays in her call to be a mom, student and friend. The sweet girl she is photographed with is her daughter Serenity. I sat down and asked her to tell me a little bit more about her aspirations and learned about the strengths she sees herself displaying in everyday life.

What moment in your life made you feel the most proud

I was most proud when I first found out that I was having Serenity and I made it through my pregnancy well and made my journey to the hospital--I didn't think I was going to make it at first.

What is a dream that you have?

A dream that I have is to go to college to be a mortician, to grow up and make my daughter look at me as a proud mother and know that I love her.

What do you love most about YoungLives?

I get to express my feelings to all my leaders--they're good supporters and help me through rough times. We have fun and I meet a lot of friends.